Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Morning After

There's nothing quite like the awkward silence, the bashful glances and tender touches. Don't forget the bad breath, lack of makeup and stale perfume smell.

Ahh, the morning after!

They're one of my favourite scenes to read and write.

There are so many places we can take our characters following the emotion and physical buildup. Whether we have our characters making out, steaming up the mirror in the bathroom or its the hot and sensual love scene - there is always the emotional let down that follows. The uncertainty, self doubts, nervousness and awkwardness all come in to play.

It's at this moment that I find real life comes into play. This is where we take our experiences, our memories and use them to their advantage. Do you remember what happened after your first kiss? Or the first time you woke up and realized that it wasn't all a dream - there was someone sharing your bed and they were breathing on you?

There's also the tiny flare of hope that comes along with the morning after. The flashes of a future you've been dreaming about, hoping for, wishing for. The whisper of longing for what could be.

What is it about the morning after that you love?

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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Near Misses

Let's face it, we all enjoy reading about a good snogging every now and again...maybe even like it when things get steamier. That's what romance is about right? The hugs, touches, kisses, intimacy.

But, in fiction, none of that is as much fun if the "near misses" aren't there. You know, those scenes where the hero and heroine are just about to break and give in to the attraction one--if not both of them--has been trying to deny.

In that moment, they want it to happen. We want it to happen. Everyone wants it to happen. doesn't happen.

Something stops them before they're able to be fully swept away. Whether it's a pair of teenagers interrupted mid-makeout by a parent, or an adult couple sidetracked by some other force of life, they aren't allowed to cross the finish line.


It's this dissruption--this sense of "Damn it! What would have happened if the phone hadn't rang just then?!?"--that drives us insane as readers and makes us root for the couple to get together even more.

So while all the hand holding and stares of longing are great, and we're happy for the tremendous sex once the couple gets together, it's the near misses that truly set the scene.

The better the near misses and frustration we feel as a result, the better the satisfaction when our heroes finally break through all their barriers. Make sure you don't skimp on this part while you're writing your story...the potential payoff is too great.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Head-Butting Romantic Conflicts

According to Writing a Romance Novel for Dummies, by Leslie Waigner, there are three common issues facing the hero and heroine:
Trust: Need I say more?
Control: Who needs the guy to control you—and ultimately your heart—when your skills and confidence make you a kickass [fill in the blank]?
Self-image: How could he possibly be interested in me when XX is much prettier, smarter, skinnier (the list goes on)?
The benefit of using an issue such as above is that it keeps your hero and heroine together plot wise, but keeps them apart emotionally. This helps drives the conflicts (both internal and external) while allowing the happy couple to eventually fall in love.
Does anyone have any other issues to add to the list?

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