Monday, April 4, 2011

The Secret About Corsets

What's the first word that pops in your head when you read the title? Sexy? Appealing? Victoria? RWA? BDSM?

For me - SEXY. 100% The lovely, sexy, intelligent and totally awesome Camryn Rhys took me corset shopping this past weekend. The shop we went to was iffy to say the least from the outside but omg women - it rocked inside. Why we didn't buy any shoes I have no idea. (Camyrn - why girl? Why?)

I might not be attending RWA this year but I didn't want to be left out of the whole 'corset' revolution. I've read about these torture devices in my historical romances, seen them squeeze the life out of women on the screen but NEVER had any idea why they held the appeal they did. Until now. I want one. I feel greedy. But damn it all - I had curves for those few moments and I felt SEXY. Rip clothes sexy. Granted - my breasts were almost touching my throat (my girlies are large and proud) but I had an hour glass figure and I miss it. Damn it.

For those like me whose girlies can't handle a corset, go for a cincher. They still emphasize your curves without the whole 'tea cup resting on chest' look. Sure, I couldn't breathe for a moment or two. But the look? OMG. Okay, and yes, my shoulders felt like they were raised to my ears .. but that was only with the corset and not the cincher. One day ... one day ... Have you ever tried a corset? Tell me you didn't feel sexy as all get out! Anya


Linda Kage said...

Never tried one. So the non-breathing thing wasn't as awesome as the curves it provides,huh? Damn, now I want one.

Anya S. Winter said...

Linda, after a few seconds of shock I could breathe fine ;)

Stina Lindenblatt said...

I'm still trying to figure out the connection between the RWA and corsets. Obviously I'm missing something. ;)

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