Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Blogger & I had a Fight.

There's one thing you should all know about me.

I don't play fair.

I had the 'bestest' post for today. I wrote up my post early and have looked forward to your reactions today to it. How to write a shower scene from the POV of the woman and the man. There was nothing obscene or vile. Just funny.

But it wouldn't show up. Even my delicious chocolate refused to show.

So I took away the chocolate. None for blogger. All for me.


Stephanie said...

Rrr! Hate when stuff like that happens!!!

Laura said...

Oh nooooo! Poor you, I hate it when that happens!

Linda Kage said...

You mean, you mean, we don't get a shower scene now? NOOOOOO.

Thanks a lot, blogger, ruin it for all of us.

I've been going a few rounds with Mr. (you know he has to be a guy) Blogger myself lately. Big bully.

Anya S. Winter said...

No shower scene Linda - and it was oh so good! No matter what I did it wouldn't show.

Mr. Blogger had better watch it. This biotch is about to play dirty ;)

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