Saturday, March 12, 2011

Lunch hour Romances

I did the unthinkable.

I indulged in a lunch hour fantasy while sitting at my desk. And yes, the full blown type of fantasy, complete with the clenching, the tightening and whatnot ...

I wasn't the only one I'm sure :)

Since the wonderful invention of the e-reader, I bet you a Cadbury Egg chocolate that millions of women have done the same :)

Mine was all for research mind you. I'm delving into the 'submissive/dominant' lifestyle for a story and since I only live vicariously through my favorite writers, I need to do lots of research. Lots and lots of research.
(if you want to do 'research' too ... my favorites right now are Desiree Holt - Delight Me, Dominique Adair - her Jane Porter series and Tiffany Reisz.

Only a few years ago I remember riding the bus to work and seeing countless women reading books covered by fabric book covers. I never quite understood what the new 'fad' was for until someone wiser than me and more in tune to her own romantic fantasies confided that those homemade covers hid the barely clad yet amazingly hot romance covers. GO FIGURE!

But now we have the e-readers - the Kindle, Kobo and whatnot - where NO ONE needs to know what you are reading. I wonder how many woman have a mini "O" on the bus, the train or even while sitting at their desk during their lunch hour???


Linda Kage said...

Hmm. I DO need to do a little more research lately. Thanks for the recomendations!

I'm really been digging reading stuff on my iPad...except when the hubby thieves it to look something up on the web browser. Grr.

Tracy said...

I tend to keep my romance reading as an at-home activity, personally. But then again, I often read across the genre board, so I can do that. Not so easy for romance-only readers.

Rather than run into a too-sexy scene while I'm at work and end up highly distracted for the remainder of the day, I stick with my urban fantasy. Although more and more the word fantasy has become racier in that genre, so I get a couple surprises. :D

Anya S. Winter said...

Linda, enjoy the research :)

Tracy, that's probably a good idea :) Racy Fantasy? Hmm ... I might need to expand my genres!

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