Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Yummy Treat of the Day

I'm in the mood for some fun ;) We all enjoy eye candy, so why not indulge on a daily basis?

I'll be posting a daily 'yummy' with thoughts on how he would fit a story.

This one is a treat for sure. I see him in a YA novel (oh Stina .....). His smoldering gaze would set off a flood of butterflies in my teen body when I was that age, for sure! I wouldn't trust him with my daughters though, he has that 'I'm so innocent' look down pat. Wonder if he has a 6-pack under that sweater or not?

What about you? How would you use him?


Gina Ciocca said...

Um, he pretty much sets off butterflies in my 30-year old body.

He totally looks like the misunderstood guy from the wrong side of the tracks. The utterly delicious misunderstood guy, that is.

Anya S. Winter said...

Gina, he is delicious, isn't he ;)

Unknown said...

Sorry. He's too much of a pretty boy for me. I can see him in a book dealing with some sort of hip hop competition. He's trying to come off as a bad boy, but there's nothing hard ass about him (other than maybe his butt).

Tracy said...

Well, since he's too pretty for Stina, I'll take him!

As long as he doesn't bust out singing Eminem, we're all good.

Unknown said...

He's yours, Tracy. But I think you might have to wrestle Gina and Anya for him. Though what with him being a guy, he'll appreciate that. ;)

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