Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Romance Genre? Take Your Pick!

Growing up I always thought there were two types of romance. Silly girl that I was (actually I was shelted and it was an advertous girlfriend who introduced me to a secret side that I never knew I had).
Harlequin and the other kind (you know, the kind that let you think there was something going on between the sheets but never spelled it out for you ...)

It took a while, but I found out that I loved the historical romances (something about that scottish burrrr and english gentry that stirred the juices ...) and slowly found the modern day romance.

Since then, the genres for romance are numerous. Whatever suits your fancy. And I mean that literally. Erotica, homosexual, sweet, inspirational, paranormal ... take your pick.

As a reader, what do we read? As writers, how do we pick?

I'll share my secret. When I meander through a book store with a latte in hand, I choose three books. Supernatural, historical (I still need my scottish fix) and contemporary. I enjoy all three and depending on my mood, I tend to favor one over the other. Currently I'm into paranormal, although I just finished writing a contemporary.

So here's my question.

Why do we have to choose when there's so much out there?

Why not broaden our horizons and experiment? With the explosion of e-readers now there's no need to stick to a genre. On my iphone I have the Kindle app, the e-reader and the Kobo app. There are so many FREE books for you to download and test read. Take advantage of them. Then, when you find either an author or a genre you love, go ahead and start buying them. Support your authors. But don't stop there ... explore, expand ... find new loves ...

Then come back here and tell me about it!


Unknown said...

I started out with historical romances as a teen, but never got into the other subgenres until recently. Although I mostly read YA, I've started to delve into romantic suspense, erotic romance, and paranormal romance. My YA novels contain a heavy dose of romance and danger, so it's only natural for me to migrate to the romantic suspenses in adult romance. And talk about walking into a candy store. ;)

Tracy said...

I went through a big period where I'd stopped reading romance because I thought they were all either the historicals -- which I do have a soft spot for (I'm a sucker for the Irishmen and Brits)or the category romances.

Paranormal romance is my favorite, because a good deal of the time you don't even realize you're reading a romance with everything else that's going on. It's just a good old fashioned story with love and sex. :D

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